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Tyris Washington

Singapore • India • China • Hong Kong • S. Korea • The Philippines

Born in Chicago, heard around the world…


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The House That Rocks

Established by Tyris Washington in 2013, nestled in the suburb of Indian Trail of Charlotte, NC.  The House That Rocks has been a music educational birthplace for over 350 music students.

The House That Rocks

Discover the rhythm of life at The House That Rocks – your premier destination for music education! Whether you’re a budding Beethoven or a seasoned strummer, our school is the perfect place to hone your skills. We offer expert instruction in piano, drums, bass, guitar, and vocal training for all ages and skill levels.


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Latest Single

Tyris Washington - Single Release Album Cover

My musical journey began in church under the guidance of my father, Pastor Ernest J. Washington, where I first played the Hammond B3 organ. The city’s jazz clubs shaped my skills further, making Chicago my musical springboard.

My passion led me to Asia, from Singapore’s buzz to India’s heartbeats, each place enriching my sound. Today, I celebrate a journey that started from church hymns to global Jazz that transcended borders and connecting souls through the universal language of music.  Enjoy my latest single, entitled, “The Backroom”.